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Headshot for business

Headshot on your business card?  Lawyers?  Consultants?  Students?  Designers?  Financial planners?  Why on earth would they want to have their headshot on their business card?  For the same reason why a LinkedIn profile has an image of you and why everyone recommends that image be a professional, approachable portrait.  Because it’s great to put a face to the name.Putting your headshot on your business card does many things:

  1. It reminds someone who they talked to when they find your business card in their wallet later and think, “where did I meet this dude and what did we talk about?”
  2. It’s great if you go to networking events, where people can go through a stack of 50 business cards of 50 different people they talked to and remember who you were because a photo of you is right there in front of them.
  3. If someone gives someone else your business card and they’re seeing your business card before seeing you, it’s a great way for them to feel like they’ve met you before when they actually do see your face in person for the first time.
  4. It controls the image of yourself that you put in front of people, which is especially valuable in an internet age when we tend to Google search new people we meet… and possibly uncover photos of them drunk at frat parties…

headshot for business card

Just because,  a headshot on a business card rocks is the simple reason that people I hand my card to say, “woah, that rocks!”  There’s something cool and unique and personable about being able to see a photo of the person on their business card.  It just gives a vibe of friendliness and approachability that simple letters and numbers do not.

Oh, and one more awesome reason… it’s cheap.  It doesn’t cost any more than printing a business card without a photo.

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