The Importance of a Corporate Headshot

First impressions will always be important but now that we conduct so many of our initial interactions online, virtual personal branding has become as important as the firm handshake once was in introducing yourself to the world.

A professional business photograph is an opportunity to portray a brand image to potential customers who aren’t just researching ‘what’ you do. They are just as interested in ‘who’ you are.


Social Media for Business

Whether you’re working for yourself (like me) or you’re portraying a larger company selling products and services, or even if you’re just job hunting as an individual, you will most likely have profile photos across the internet’s social media channels, namely LinkedIn – where even I recently, to my shame, had a personal photo as my profile picture. A professional, consistent approach across your active channels will vastly improve your networking efforts.

Personal Branding for Business

In business we spend a lot of money on branding across logos, websites, literature, packaging and premises. Is the photographic representation of you – the person at the helm or the worker running the daily grind – is that really the place to scrimp on branding?

Probably not.

The Creative Industries

Of course the reason so many PR agency photos were historically in a similar style was because they are among the professions where a very formal photograph doesn’t represent the personality and style required to carryout the role. From Communications to Design and the new-aspirational-career of Blogging, corporate headshots have become much more creative and artistic, with a relaxed feel and broad use of colour and lighting.


The Importance of a Good Photographer

This is when it becomes really important to choose your photographer wisely. The right photographer will prepare you in advance about what to wear and, if relevant, where to do the shoot for atmosphere, to achieve the desired effect in your profession. He will know how to make you feel at ease on the day if  you’ve never spent any length of time in front of a camera lens. He will skilfully – and quickly – be able to set up lighting, composition, backgrounds and props appropriate to your goal and advise you on posing. He will show you the images as you do them to ensure you’re getting what you need. And he will know what you need more than even you do:



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